Michelle Gillmore

Michelle graduated from Rutgers where she studied Political Science. Her career took her to be employed at Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield in the area of Customer Service for the lost 14+ years. Michelle is a competitive, creative and dynamic team player with the ability to communicate effectively and deliver under tight deadlines. Her leadership skills mode her excel very quickly and she has gained respect from oil who she comes in contact with.
Her astute demeanor would surprise you as she enjoys cooking, entertaining, reading and traveling. Her undeniable number one passion is shopping for shoes. She believes that an outfits totally incomplete whether dress up or dress down without o stunning pair of shoes. She will never disappoint you.
Her passion for helping others to obtain home ownership and understanding the value behind purchasing rather than renting led her to obtain her Real Estate License in 2004.
She serves on the Vice-President of Progressive Achievers where she possesses the ability to develop creative ideas into workable plans to grow the organization.

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